Peytin Burrows 2020 Queen


Our New York Percheron Association Youth Representative - Queen Peytin Burrows

Meet the Directors

Darrel Marshall

Director term ending 2022

Dick Caniff

Director term ending 2025

Dick  is the owner of Whiting Hill Percherons

Calvin Marshall

Director term ending 2026

Bill Clark

Director Term ending 2024

Bill owns several Percheron horses at Livin large drafts

Scot White

Director Term ending 2023

Meet the Officers

David Sherman

President term ending 2022

David Shoemaker

Vice President term ending 2023

Susan Torto

Term ending 2022

Abigail Harrell

Treasurer Term ending 2022

Non- Officer positions

Vickie Canniff

Futurity Chairperson

Annalee Harrell

Newsletter Editor until 2022